Confined Space Overseer Service


Confined Space Services UK Ltd provided an expert overseer for work being carried out within two separate sprinkler water tanks located in the heart of Paddington, London.  The entry into the sprinkler tanks were classified as NC3 Medium risk confined space. The reasonably foreseeable specified risks were potential hazardous atmospheric conditions and the risk of drowning in a fluid.

TPT Fire ( required two operatives, who were trained to a medium risk level, to remove and re-install new linings to the internal parts of the tanks.  The Operatives were working away from the point of entry, however they were attached to a retrieval device at all times. The overseer was required to control the outside work space, continually monitor internal atmospheric conditions and to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency. We were happy to say that the works were completed with no incidents and the client was happy with our services.

Job Well Done!


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