Confined space training: an emergency response plan

Accessing any confined space environment has to have an emergency response plan to restrict serious injuries or fatalities from occurring. A suitable and effective plan will protect the safety of workers and will potentially avoid legal fines from regulators.

Does your business have an appropriate emergency response plan?

An emergency response plan is required for all entries into a confined space. The document should be available in every company and be reviewed regularly. When was the last time you assessed your emergency plan?

As confined spaces are high risk environments, planning, strategy, communication and emergency evacuation of a casualty are all significantly important. Ensuring a robust and structured assessment is accessible will make an emergency response feasible.

What factors should an emergency response plan include?

Confined Space Services believe the following steps should be considered in an emergency response plan:

• Identify potential hazards which could injure workers or require medical attention (risk assessment)

• Ensure specific procedures are in place to reduce the chance of injuries

• Organise an effective communication strategy to deal with an emergency

• Ensure specific safety equipment is accessible and delegates are suitably trained to use it

• Share findings with the workforce

• Ensure workers have valid and current training regularly

• Follow legalisations and safety procedures

How to choose the right emergency response support?

• Experience – check whether the provider is proficient to carry out comprehensive training. Find a provider which covers emergency response plans in their training courses. Request additional information on their experience on real life emergency response incidents, if applicable.

• Training based methods – see how the provider delivers training sessions, whether it’s practical and theoretical training, or both. A provider who has infrastructure which will replicate on-site incidents will be able to supply resource to replicate the work being carried out.

• Delivery methods – a purpose built facility would be an ideal environment to deliver precise technical rescue scenarios. Many training providers offer on-site training at companies’ own facilities.

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Services provides a range of confined space training courses.

If you or your workers require training on an emergency response plan, many confined spaces training course held cover this topic. Find out more here.

Fully trained with over 20 years’ experience specialising in confined space training, and with Site Safety Plus, NEBOSH and IOSH accreditation, you can be assured our consultants offer only the best advice and service possible.

We can carry out our confined space training either on-site throughout the UK, or at our purpose built training facility where we can provide a number of different confined space scenarios depending on your requirements.

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