Five Causes of Confined Space Accidents

Any type of work within confined spaces carries a certain level of risk. Somebody working in confined spaces can never be sure that the environment is completely safe.

Because of this, confined space accidents are common and can land both employees and employers in trouble. There are a number of contributing factors that might cause a confined space accident, including:

1. Lack of appropriate confined space training

Employers are responsible for providing their workforce with proper and sufficient confined space training. Employers that fail to train their employees leave their staff vulnerable to serious injury or even death, as well as leaving the company liable for any accidents that occur.

2. Limited or lack of knowledge

This is one of the major factors that can lead to confined space accidents. An individual assigned to perform a particular task within a confined space might have limited awareness about the operation is to be correctly carried out. This increases their risk of facing situations that might even cost them their lives.

3. Lack of proper equipment

Another responsibility of an employer is to provide proper equipment to employees performing confined space work and rescue operations. This is to ensure that the required operation is carried out with minimal risk. A lack of proper equipment could lead to confined space incidents.

4. Lack of supervision

Proper overseeing and supervision of those performing a confined space operation is important to make sure that no emergency situations arise, and that they are handled correctly if they do occur. Lack of an overseer or supervision could lead to a confined space emergency that can only be handled with proper confined space rescue system in place.

5. Lack of complete standard operating procedures

To ensure complete safety of its employees, it is important for employers to follow the complete standard operating procedures. This is done to ensure that the employees know what to do in every possible situation to stay safe. Failure to have a complete standard operating procedure in place can lead to confined space accidents that can put the employees’ lives at risk, and leave the company liable for an accident.

The risk of confined space accidents can be dramatically reduced if companies provide the proper training, equipment, supervision and develop standard operating procedures.

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Services Confined Space Training

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