Lincolnshire firefighters carry out confined space rescue training on 25-stone mannequins

Lincolnshire’s fire brigade has been practicing procedures for rescuing 25 stone mannequins in confined spaces.

The 25 stone – bariatric models – are being used to replicate a rescue operation for medically obese individuals in emergency situations, such as, car crashes. The models are vastly heavy, resulting in 15 parts having to be assembled, whilst the torso weighs as much as a suitcase. The practice rescues were used in deeply confined spaces to resemble how to safely remove and secure a person who is classified in this medical category.

The managing director of Bariquins, Chris Jarratt, a former police officer, invented the product when he realised there was a limited amount of resources available for the emergency services to learn how to safely transport obese causalities without injuring themselves.

The training was held to assist with the number of bariatric patients the fire brigade currently transports. At present in the UK, one in four adults are classified as medically obese with this figure rising by 2025 to one in three. From 2011 through to 2012, the county fire service carried out four emergency rescues on obese people, whereas in 2015 to 2016 the department attended 37 incidents.

This epidemic could see an increase in new products to help the emergency service and confined space rescue teams deal with bariatric patient dangers.

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