Overseer / Top Man Services

Working at Heights Training

Our Overseers will ensure that every aspect of the entry is done in the safest possible way, they will;

  • Check all team members hold the correct, valid qualification for their role
  • Ensure all equipment checks have been carried out
  • Confirm the classification of the confined space is accurate at the time of entry
  • Ensure that the rescue provision is suitable and sufficient
  • Confirm that lock out and isolation procedures have been completed
  • Ensure that the permit to work, safe system of work, risk assessments and method statement have been completed
  • Ensure adequate methods of communication are in place prior to and throughout entry
  • Monitor the health, safety and wellbeing of entrants at all times
  • Manage all members of the; rescue, entry and surface teams during the works
  • Ensure access and egress arrangements are suitable
  • Provide a comprehensive safety brief prior to starting work


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