Rope Access & Rescue


The Rope Access course is designed for those who have specific trade skills but wish to use rope access as a method of gaining access to their work site on towers or tall structures. After the course candidates will be able to set up their own suspension system.

This training course provides basic principles of movement on ropes – ascent, descent, changing from ascent to descent, passing a deviation, use of a back-up system, elementary rigging and rope management, elementary rescue.

There is the option of an additional 1-day training course which encompasses specialised rope rescue techniques. This course covers both remote rescue using ‘Gotcha’ systems and rope rigs.

Assessment Criteria

  • Continuous assessment
  • Short multiple choice written assessment
  • Practical assessment


Only on successful completion of the entire course and subject to the assessment criteria. Certification will be issued and valid for 3 years.

Training Ratio


Upcoming Course Dates

Date: Monday 8th – 10th May 2017  Price: £450 + VAT  Location: Brighouse

Date: Monday 10th – 12th July 2017  Price: £450 + VAT  Location: Brighouse

Price includes lunch which will be provided as well as tea, coffee and refreshments throughout the day.


Rope Access: 3 Days, Rope Rescue: 1 Day




Rope Access:

  • Select suitable equipment, understand specifications
  • Understand risks from different access methods
  • Understand risks arising from the work task, work situations
  • Control all hazards e.g. from use of tools or falling objects
  • Maintain, communication, exclusion zones etc.
  • Understand worksite rescue plan
  • Inspection, care and maintenance of equipment
  • Understand work task as defined
  • Carry out simple rigging

Practical skills covered in this course include:

  • Equipment fitting and pre-use checks
  • Use of backup system
  • Safe approach to point of descent or ascent
  • Methods of descent and ascent, change from descent to ascent and back
  • Elementary rigging, rope management
  • Install and pass a deviation
  • Simple vertical rescue by descent
  • Selection of anchor points
  • Experience of rigging and movement in specific work environment

Rope Rescue:

  • Using remote rescue equipment
  • Suspension trauma
  • Setting up ‘Z’ rigs
  • Post suspension care


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Maximum number of delegates for City & Guilds courses is 8. Maximum number of delegates for our accredited courses is 10. However, we can run several courses simultaneously if required.